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Crafting Solutions That Make a Difference

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was built on a "team science" approach, so we understand the power of new perspectives. Blending Laboratory expertise with the flexibility of an open campus, LVOC helps collaborators find new applications for cutting-edge science. We know we can't solve complex problems alone. Here's how some of LVOC’s partners have applied LLNL’s scientific resources to real-world problems.​

Explore a few of the Extraordinary
Results of our Partnerships:​

image of 3D printed items

Designing high-volume, decarbonized industrial production

Livermore researchers and Seurat transformed the metal manufacturing process to develop components faster, more efficiently, and closer to their final destination.

Learn more about revolutionizing how metal components are made
Warfighter using GPS in the field

Advancing quantum technology at home and abroad

LVOC’s Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory is an ideal venue for the Vector Atomics group to develop innovative non-GPS navigation devices via advanced quantum sensors.

Learn more about navigating when GPS is compromised
Stock photo of hand pulling level; reducing carbon

Accelerating climate technologies and energy security

LVOC’s Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory helps petrochemical companies like Siemens and TOTALenergies craft electrolysers to convert carbon dioxide to hydrogen more efficiently.

Learn more about transforming oil and gas into clean energy
image of IBM cardioid simulation

Simulating cardiac tissue in real time

Combining Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s supercomputing capabilities and IBM’s expertise in domain science, the Cardioid group aims to gain understanding of the complex electrical processes driving the human heart.

Learn more about advancing personalized medicine with every heartbeat 


Partnering with Us

Potential collaborators come to LVOC with different challenges, capabilities, and resources. We tailor engagements to help meet your needs. If you have a big idea that could benefit from national laboratory expertise, we’d like to hear from you. Connect with us to explore opportunities for collaborations or plan a visit to the campus.

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