LLNL Capabilities

Expanding Frontiers Together

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has a legacy of scientific expertise ranging from physical and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, high performance computing, high energy density science, and more.

This array of capabilities, combined with LLNL’s team science approach, helps potential partners find innovative solutions to shared problems.



Advanced Materials and Manufacturing


Bioscience and Bioengineering


Earth and Atmospheric Science


High Performance Computing, Simulation, and Data Science


High Energy Density Science


Laser Science


Nuclear, Chemical, and Isotopic Science

LVOC Facilities

LVOC’s onsite facilities house resources and equipment to accelerate scientific discovery and application.

Scientist with Device

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

LLNL develops some of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing equipment and materials, all housed at the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML). Laboratory, industry, and academic partners can work together inside the AML to address manufacturing challenges across a range of commercial and government projects.

El Capitan super computer

Livermore Computing Center

First-class computational infrastructure supports vital energy, environmental, and national security research. LVOC partnerships can provide access to extraordinary simulation and modeling capabilities, enabling new frontiers of discovery and innovation.

People at a training event

Collaboration Center and Office Space

Hosting a group meeting or gathering at LVOC makes it easy to include researchers, guest speakers, or community members. All conference spaces and guest offices are equipped with video teleconference (VTC) audio-visual capabilities ideal for interns, summer students, or visitors.

Youth with a plasma globe

Discovery Center

Open to all ages, the Discovery Center is a pillar of LVOC’s educational outreach initiatives by providing visitors with exciting ways to learn about the Laboratory’s legacy of innovation. A mini-museum filled with displays, games, and exhibits, the Discovery Center also has ancillary educational classrooms and outdoor space for gatherings.

Proposed Facilities

New investments in LVOC's world-class facilities are critical to the success of our strategic planning.

Integrative Bio Resilience Laboratory

The Integrative Bio Resilience Laboratory (IBRL) will bring bioscience, biotechnology, bioengineering, and computing staff together in an integrated work environment on the LVOC campus. Research will focus on accelerated and accurate assessment, detection, and countermeasure development to mitigate the effects of emerging threats.

Prototyping Enclave

The LLNL Prototyping Enclave will be a hub for demonstrating critical climate technologies and developing the workforce essential to build critical climate infrastructure. LVOC’s ability to host academia, national laboratories, government, industry, and the private sector in the Prototyping Enclave helps overcome barriers in the rapid scale-up of great ideas.

High Energy Density and Laser Science Facility

Planning is underway for a new High Energy Density (HED) and Laser Science facility at LVOC in the early 2030s. This hands-on facility will open new frontiers of HED science, build new partnerships, and attract premier talent. LVOC’s open environment promotes risk-taking and innovation for the facility’s mission-driven work.


Partnering with Us

Potential collaborators come to LVOC with different challenges, capabilities, and resources. We tailor engagements to help meet your needs. If you have a big idea that could benefit from national laboratory expertise, we’d like to hear from you. Connect with us to explore opportunities for collaborations or plan a visit to the campus.

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