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New Challenges Require New Approaches

As a public-facing open innovation space and a portal to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC) was created to drive mutually beneficial collaboration and scientific and technological discovery by leveraging scientific capabilities, renowned expertise, and unique facilities. Along with strengthening the Laboratory’s national security mission, LVOC supports LLNL by:

  1. Empowering multidisciplinary partnerships to advance science and innovation
  2. Creating spin in/spin out opportunities for users beyond the Laboratory
  3. Bolstering the U.S. economy by developing and refining new technologies
  4. Contributing to science education and strengthening local and scientific communities

LVOC’s campus is ideal for team science by providing spaces and facilities for researchers, technologists, and scientists to gather.

Working Together on New Innovations

Making sure our partners have access to the right resources ensures successful collaborations.

HPC generated molecule


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory contributes as a national — and often world — leader in multidisciplinary science and technology. Partnering at LVOC may include connections to groundbreaking research and applied science and engineering.

Researcher observing a 3D printed item


The Laboratory relies on multidisciplinary teams to solve multidisciplinary problems. LVOC's open and unclassified campus makes it easier to engage in team science and connect with experts aligned on a common goal.

3D printing the LLNL logo at the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory


Specialized facilities housed at LVOC let Laboratory staff, academic researchers, government personnel, and industry partners work side-by-side. LVOC partnerships may also include access to facilities housed within Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, depending on the collaboration.

Partner Support

The Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO), Academic Engagement Office (AEO), Office of Governmental and External Affairs (OGEA), and the Office of Laboratory Protocol provide operational expertise to LVOC collaborators.

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leno1 [at] (Christopher Leno)
Manager of Operations and Facilities

Science Education

LVOC’s open and unclassified environment is ideal for science education, teacher training, and outreach activities.

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albala1 [at] (Joanna Albala)
Science Education Program Manager


Partnering with Us

Potential collaborators come to LVOC with different challenges, capabilities, and resources. We tailor engagements to help meet your needs. If you have a big idea that could benefit from national laboratory expertise, we’d like to hear from you. Connect with us to explore opportunities for collaborations or plan a visit to the campus.

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